Neither of us has ever been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions; we’ve both watched friends and business associates boldly declare the long list of things they’re going to give up doing or start doing, proudly updating us almost hourly on their progress for the whole month of January, only to fall into a pit of sudden silence on the subject by February.  To be honest, it’s hardly surprising to us that setting yourself up to get motivated about change, when it’s cold most of the time and dark for most of the day, is a plan that tends to fail more often than succeed.

springtime road

Think, for a moment, about springtime.  The first signs of new and renewed life are making their way above ground.  Birds are greeting you with the rising sun each day, and you’re wearing fewer layers as the temperatures stay above “thermals required”.  Everything about the spring is positive and fills us with hope.  What better time could there be to start refuelling your business with some new ideas, new dreams, new targets, or new goals?

Spring can help you to think about the type of changes you may want to implement, in a way that means they are more likely to be long-term and produce results. Here are a few tips to help get you started on your springtime goal-setting journey:

  1. One thing at a time. Have you noticed how spring chooses not to reveal all she has to offer in one burst of glory?  She teases us with snowdrops, adds some crocus, and perhaps some Primulas, but keeps you holding on for what seems like an age before she brings out that glorious burst of yellow from the daffodils, or the mesmerising carpet of blue-haze from bluebells?  This is good practice, and if you work on the same principal of one step at a time, you’ll achieve the bigger goals, and make permanent change for the better.
  2. If something worked well last year, bring it back.  When you’re setting goals it’s easy to forget to keep doing the things that are going really well.  Don’t forget to include these on your list.
  3. Anticipate the odd cold snap. Just because spring has arrived, does not guarantee sunshine every day, and the early bloomers will usually survive a frost. When you’re making changes to the way you work, or adding a goal that requires constant action, it can be easy to lose momentum when things don’t go the way you’d expected.  Put some plans in place early on, for what you’ll do if things don’t go according to plan.
  4. Show-off a little; not bold and brash like summer, but subtly and with real appreciation for the world around you. When we tell people around us about the goals we’re working towards, it bring a level of accountability that helps to motivate us to continue.  Make sure you tell people about your progress and share your successes.  Everyone could do with some good news.

We find the biggest positive impact of spring is the ability to get outside more often, without getting soaked or frozen.  The impact even the smallest amount of fresh air has on our mood is noticeable and often, as we have the luxury of living in the beautiful Welsh countryside, we pop out into the woodland during the day to top up on the benefits that spring brings.

How does the changing weather impact your focus?  Have you found yourself more motivated to get some goals set since the spring started to break through?

Hannah and Dinah