When you run your own business it can be tough to stay motivated, these short and sweet pieces are just a few things I use to help me stay motivated during the week.

I thought I would share the three things that help me when I start feeling lower in energy or motivation during the week.

1. Take 20 minutes away from my desk or place of work – I have a husky, so I take her for a walk or even play with her in the garden. Do something similar that takes you away from your working space, to revitalise you.

2. Get a cuppa – whether you’re a java head or a tea addict (you could even go for a hot chocolate), go put the kettle on. A warm drink can really help you get relaxed and back into the zone.

3. Book a networking meeting – Knowing that you are going to meet like-minded individuals or potential contacts can help you. I find that, in my business which keeps me at my desk all day, that having a place to go once a week helps to prevent me going stir crazy.

What helps you stay motivated on a tough day?

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