Are you using automation in your business? You can truly transform your business and save time when you use automation tools, but there are important ways to make sure you keep it personal. Here are my top 3 ways to use automation in your business to save you time, while still remaining personal.

1. Use email templates rather than sequences – if you want to have follow up emails from networking events, or meetings, use email templates to save time rather than automated emails, these can be made in outlook, Hubspot, Gmail, and many more. I recommend this because it means you don’t send auto emails to people you’ve already met with, and you can pop little personal notes in there too.

2. Keep space in your social media planners for reactive content. Scheduling social media is fantastic for time management, but save space for reactive content too. This means if a specific event comes up, or a national holiday that you may have forgotten about, or you just want to share the beautiful morning sky from your daily walk that day, you won’t feel you’re over posting to your account. If you really want to ensure every day is handled with your scheduling software, use alternatives such as Stories, and videos to show off a different style of content within your account.

3. Use automation tools! Tools like Zapier,, and can integrate systems amazingly, such as woo commerce and Google sheets, Eventbrite and Mailchimp tags. But, check your system first before using these tools to see if you can integrate directly. For example, hubspot integrates with Facebook leads for FREE, which means any time someone fills in your lead form, it automatically will go into your Hubspot contacts, whereas on Zapier this is pro-feature! You can also integrate Eventbrite with Facebook to share your events directly for bookings; Mailchimp and Eventbrite also have integration too, so attendees can automatically go into your contacts lists.

Bonus Tip – check out the systems you are using, take some time to really delve into the integrations on offer within your packages. You may be surprised on the amount of automation available to you, that you haven’t utilised yet because you just didn’t know they existed.

If you want some support in knowing which systems to use, or just to talk out your ideas with someone, please get in touch and we can arrange a Power Hour session together!