How we help people who host regular events

If you run regular events, like training, networking or group events, see how we can help you.

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Do you host regular events?

As an organiser of regular events, you often find that your time is taken up with the admin tasks required to ensure your events are run smoothly, that your attendees are cared for within the highest customer service possible, and that your event tickets are purchased and paid for, before the event itself.

If you run another business while also running theses events, you can often find that your time is being taken up with tasks you may not enjoy quite as much as hosting the events themselves.

We love helping people and being your event organisation virtual assistant. We can help by sorting out the background work, so you can turn up without any worries regarding the event, and do what you are great at: hosting and / or training at them.

Venue Communication

The venue can make or break it for returning attendees, so we ensure everything is completely prepared to ensure they want to come back, and that the venue will welcome you!

We ensure they know the numbers, have the food options ready in advance, have the right timings for your events, as well as making sure the right technology is there and prepped, helping your event to run smoothly.

The Marketing

The marketing to get your events filled can be incredibly time consuming, from the emails to your previous visitors, to the reminders to your members, we ensure all of this work is done for you, to the best schedule.

We can even take care of the social media side of your marketing too, helping you get on with the tasks you are great at.

Worksheets, badges and attendee lists

Whether you need a list of the attendees, or you require worksheets to be prepared for your event, we have this covered for you, so you just need to click print.

Payment chasing

This can be a tricky task when you host regular events, and we are great at ensuring your attendees are reminded of when and how to pay for their space, so you don’t have to worry about loosing out.

The follow-ups

Possibly the most important part of any regular event is the follow-up. Ensuring visitors know what to do next, and how to join your networking group (if relevant), can help to increase your income and membership numbers.

If you host regular training events, we make sure that delegates are sent relevant information and thank you emails after they have attended, as well as a survey to help you get great feedback and testimonials for your training.

Get in touch to see how we can help you

If you are running regular events, or are looking to start, and would like an extra pair of passionate hands to help you stay stress-free, we’d love to see if we are the right team for you. Give us a call, or email us, to arrange a meeting.

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