When did you last spend time looking through your Twitter or LinkedIn feed to find the messages that were actually engaging? Not simply shouting about something on special offer, or a new link to a new blog? Using Social Media in a more Social manner makes a huge difference to the results you’ll get from it, yet all too often people simply abandon their Social Media, claiming it “didn’t work for me”.

We love helping clients to get Social; and we’ve shown them that making it engaging will make the difference. We’ve got a charity we work with, who are led by a highly focussed group with a clear purpose about getting their message out on Twitter.   When we suggested scheduling some tweets, to engage their potential supporters, which had nothing to do with their cause, they were initially sceptical.


“How is asking people if they’re having a good week, or sharing a photo of a piece of cake and asking who’s making the coffee, going to have any impact on us?” they asked.

Having worked with them for almost two years, they’re in total agreement that it’s been the more Social tweets that have resulted in the best connections.

Here are our top tips on getting more social with your Social Media:

  • Keep it simple. If you love chocolate, cars, cats or caterpillars, then that’s what you should tweet or post about. Add a photo and you’ll instantly get more people’s attention.
  • End your tweets and posts with a question, “I’m loving the new series of GBBO, Who else is baking more?” or “We’ve been looking for new ideas for charity fund raisers, what’s your favourite?”
  • Set aside ten minutes each day for a live engagement on your twitter feed, or a LinkedIn group and make a contribution. Answer a question from someone or make a recommendation that two people in your network connect.
  • Take a look at who your contacts engage with. There is an unwritten rule in Social Media that, if something is public, you can join the conversation. Go on, especially if it is to help resolve an issue or help someone.
  • Enjoy it. Yes, it does make a difference. You know how you can tell when someone is smiling on the telephone? Well, we’ve found it’s the same with Social Media; if people want to get social, you’ll spot it and it’s easy to have a conversation and who knows where it could lead.


How do you find engagement on your chosen Social networking sites? What’s helped you to make it work for your business? We’d love to hear your success stories.

Oh, and if you need reminding, save this and keep it nearby!

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Hannah and Dinah

I have run successful businesses in the past as well as working within the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals. I adore writing, whether it’s in social media content or by creating engaging blogs and website content for our clients. I tend to specialise in helping our animal welfare charity clients and with marketing clients, as I have worked in this industry for many years. I love: cupcakes, writing and eBay!