Social Media Mentoring

Want to do your own social media, but get some assistance along the way? See how we help with our Social Media Mentoring service.

Want to use social media for your business, but unsure where to start?

You’ve heard all about this social media stuff, and you’d love to try it out, but you want a little bit of support from people who have tried it, got to grips with it and truly want to help you utilise it? You’ve come to the right place!

With a passion for helping our clients get the most from their online marketing efforts, Dinah and Hannah love helping inspire them to go out and do it for themselves, while giving them the support, knowledge and strategy to get started and to keep going.

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Sharing advice and tips

We love social media, so we know lots of handy tips and tricks, as well as having learned from our own successes and mistakes, so you get our knowledge straight off the bat.

As your social media mentor we will give you all our tips and advice to help you get started doing it yourself, and continue to do so!

Regular calls with your social media mentor

You’ll always work with an experienced social media mentor, who has had experience working with clients in your industry, so you get the best support for you. We then arrange regular Skype calls with you, to help go over your ideas, give you new ones, and support you when you need it.

A good butt kicking, where required

As your mentors, we want to ensure you get the most out of your online marketing, so we will ensure you stick to your schedules and get the support when you need it. We are there to help you stay on track, we will be kind and firm about it, that is our promise to you.

Bounce your ideas, and get new ones too

We are here to ensure you get a surge of excitement for your online marketing, so we are there to bounce ideas off of, and to give you our thoughts and suggestions too.

We want to help you succeed, so we will be honest and share our own expert advice to help you get there.

Get in touch to see how we can help you

Does this sound like the sort of support you’d like to receive? Then we’d love to chat. Give us a call, or email us, and we can see if we’re the right fit for you. As you can guess, we only take on clients we believe are motivated and that we can truly help.

Don’t want to do it all yourself? We also offer social media management we take care of your accounts for you, until you feel ready to take care of it. From content creation, to engagement with the right people for your brand, in your brand voice. If this floats your boat, then do get in touch to see if we are a perfect fit.

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