Social Media Management

See how we help you with social media management.

Does social media take up too much of your time?

Perhaps you know you should be using it, but you’re unsure on how to, and perhaps don’t really want to learn how either?

Amethyst PA helps you look great on social media, by offering social media marketing to your business. Based in Reading Berkshire, but can help our clients across the country.

Social media can be a big, busy world, and for your business, if you’re not on it, it can be detrimental to your brand awareness.

Your time is best spent on the tasks you got into business for, so Amethyst PA are here to help ensure your social media profiles are in tip top shape, have great engaging content and make you look great to potential and current customers.

We create engaging content in your tone of voice

That’s why it’s imperative we have a discovery session, which is held over Skype, or in the Reading area, to ensure we can get your brand personality right.

Once we know we’re the right fit, then we will ensure your content for all of your profiles sings true to your brand message, personality and values. We’re like social media ghost writers – there for you, becoming your voice, and ensuring customers and referral partners, will feel they have already met you through social media, before they meet you in person.

We engage with the right people, in the right places

We don’t believe in sending our clients out into the social media world unless it’s right for their business. Once we’ve done the research on the right places to be, we then engage with the right people on your behalf, building relationships with your target audience.

Regular reviews and reports

Social media is like most marketing, it’s all about brand recognition, so our reviews and reports look at how many people find you through our work on your accounts.

We also ensure we have regular catch-ups with you, to find out about what you’re doing, events you’re attending, and more, so we can get the ball rolling on making connections for you, before you enter the room.

We strongly recommend a 6 month minimum commitment, to get the ball rolling and ensure we can track what is and isn’t working for you.

Helping you to become the expert in your field

We know you’re great at what you do, but do your connections know?

We ensure your content helps to show off your knowledge through blog posts, the right content and engaging with your peer groups to show you’re staying ahead of the game.

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Get in touch to see how we can help you

If you love the sound of having your social media accounts managed by people who will become a part of your business, be as passionate about it as you are, and boost your brand awareness, we’d love to chat. Email us, or give us a call, to get to know us a bit better, and book your discovery session.

Want to do it yourself, but unsure where to start? We also offer social media mentoring – regular calls with Hannah and/or Dinah to help you come up with your own strategy, kick your butt when required, and inspire you to do your own social media management.

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