So, you may (or may not) have seen that I am going to be doing my first 4sight next week (Thursday 18th April), this is a 10 minute presentation about something other than my own business, and I have chosen tips on networking from an unnatural networker. This was inspired by some rather strange networking antics I had seen at a recent event. So, there I was, having written the piece, booked my day to speak and created my presentation then…oh dear…the fear hit me!

What did I do? I shared that fear and asked for my mentor to read it and let me know how they felt. Now, my Mum is my mentor, this is a blessing and a half but also sometimes a bit worrying that she may just be being kind to me (I think that is my own worry coming into play!), so, after she explained her changes and likes, I then sent it to the host of the meeting who shared her thoughts (all of which were positive).

But I am now beginning to get that tingling feeling of fear – what if I completely mess up? What if I have something stuck in my teeth! What if my audience completely disagree?! *breathes*

I was very kindly told something that has stuck with me in these situations – “fear and excitement are exactly the same feelings” – this means that this feeling I am having, is actually excitement. Well, that’s good.

What I am getting at here is that I had to share my feelings and my idea to give myself the knowledge that I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself. The same goes for business ideas, if we have no-one to sound our ideas off of then we can just talk ourselves out of it (or into a bad situation). As business owners we are generally working on our own, so ensure that you have a friend, partner, family member – whatever connection you need – that give you the chance to share your ideas with and will be completely honest with you.

Who do you share your ideas with? Do you find it useful?