Virtual Executive Assistant Services in Reading -How We Help Our Clients:

Support for Event Hosts

See how we help people who host regular events manage their valuable time.

Social Media Mentoring

Do you want to do your own social media, but are in need of a little support on the way to your success? See how we can help with social media mentoring.

Social Media Workshops

Whether you’re just starting out, or need a little boost of confidence with your social media, we host monthly workshops to help you learn how to use this powerful marketing tool (and network with other local businesses).

Social Media Management

If you’d love some help with your social media, so you can get on with the tasks you are great at, we would love to help. We ensure our content reflects your brand and personality, so you engage with the right people, and they, in turn, engage back.

Support for Business Owners

As a business owner, your time is precious, and you probably got into your business because you love what you do. Then all the admin, invoice chasing, CRM management, e-newsletters, blogging….all came along and you are spending less and less time on those awesome things you love doing.

We have a real passion for our clients, and we love helping them get their spark back, thanks to us taking some of the tasks they dislike off their hands, and in the process, removing those stresses from their lives.

What makes us different?

We really give a monkeys about our clients, and after so long working with clients who were feeling the pressures of wearing multiple hats that they didn’t like, we know how to help.

We don’t believe you should be tied into a contract, so we work on an ad hoc basis with our support, that means if you have lots of projects one month, and not so many the next, you don’t have to fret.

We also have your best interests at heart. We are truly honest when it comes to advising our clients on what to get done, whether it’s using a specific tool that may save them loads of time, or introducing them to someone who can help them even more, we are honest to the core.

No charging in advance. That’s right, we believe you should only pay once work has been completed. It’s imperative that our customers are happy, no matter what we do for them.

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Why do we do it?

We freaking love helping people get their passion back for their business. Whether it’s because they were spending too much time on the background tasks they didn’t get into business for, or they’re feeling a little overwhelmed with a project and need a helping hand, we love what we do.

Dinah, the awesome writer on our team, is also a mentor, so she really knows how to help business owners get their spark back. With her excellent writing skills and motivational support, our clients get their mojo back.

Hannah, our admin and events supporter, loves helping our clients get their fire back, by helping them at their own office, or on her strategy calls over Skype, which not only give them a zest of excitement, they also get those things done while they are together!

All in all, we get so much back from helping our clients get back to doing what they love, and that makes us two happy women.

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Love the sound of Amethyst?

We would love to find out more about you, and if you are thinking you’d like to do the same with us, then do send us an email or give Hannah a call, to get to know more about who we are, and more importantly, so we can find out more about you!