As you may have read, I recently moved into my first official house with my partner. We were lucky enough to be given all of the “white goods” including a washing machine. Now, his Mum was kind enough to offer to get us a new one (as I must admit the old one seemed to have never seen a cleaning product!).

Thank goodness we have the new one, and I am really “loving” being able to wash our clothes. But it hadn’t occurred to me that a tumble dryer may be required (especially as it is the coldest time of the year!). I have always been lucky enough to have a tumble dryer in our family home, and probably took it for granted. However, after a month of using a drying rack in our kitchen, the warmest place in the house, I must admit, I don’t miss the tumble dryer.

This made me think, what products or devices do we have that we don’t actually need? Do you have a laptop or phone that you never actually use? Is it something that you have really thought was essential to your business?

Have you tried working without it?

What have you got that you perhaps don’t need or what don’t you have that you thought you needed?