As a business owner, you have probably heard the saying “It’s just business, it’s not personal”. If you’re anything like me, you shudder at the thought that your business is anything other than personal. It’s your baby, and it darn well is personal to you!

So, why is this a good thing? 7K0A0523Having an attachment that is so strong, to your business, your team and your clients, I believe, will make you a better person to work with, especially if you offer services or products to people who need those things. It means you care more about what they are getting, and if they are disappointed or decide to move on to a different provider, you will be devastated, yet more pushed to do even better the next time. You will learn from your mistakes, rather than shrug them off, you will become attached to your client’s businesses and want to help them to achieve their goals.

As a business owner, you are personally invested in everything that happens, that’s why you tend to do the tasks as well as delegate them to people you trust wholeheartedly, and although it took some time to build your business to having others in your team, they are the people you truly trust and would recommend happily to others.

How to handle your own when it gets a little tough.

As a person who finds it tough to think in just “business” terms, I have to learn to control certain emotions. For example, if a client recommends doing something in a different way, I have learned to realise how awesome that is, rather than it being them saying I’m not good enough at something. It’s awesome because they want me to do even better, and they have already learned from their mistakes in the past, to know that this way of doing things may actually be even better for me.

You will need to do the same – learning to control emotions when required, as well as knowing when to hold your ground and stick up for your own ideas, business and systems.

I’ve found that, thanks to my personal investment in my clients, in terms of getting excited when they are, getting upset if something goes wrong, and being their rock if they need support, helps me build stronger relationships with them, and ultimately prove that they picked the right person to do business with. I can’t help that I want the best for them, and I sometimes view clients as friends, we do after all spend a lot of time getting to know each other, and I hope they feel that I am more than just a business service provider.

Do you think bringing personal into business is a good thing? I’d love to hear your thoughts!