I know, you are a business owner and you believe it’s so much more darn easy to do all of the tasks yourself.

I’ve been there too, I’ve sat in your shoes, when there are clients mounting up, and you would love to say yes to them, but a niggling monkey on your shoulder is telling you you may just not have the time to help. As a business owner, you may even believe you have to do all of the tasks yourself, as it feels like you’re meant to take on all of them to showcase that you’re even more awesome as an entrepreneur.

support for business owners who need to delegate

Take a moment, and imagine, how much more time you could have doing the stuff you really got into business for – how much more profit you could make. Plus how many more clients you can help with your services / product, if you had a few of the general tasks given to someone else.

If you have a mounting fear that you may loose control of your business if you hand over tasks to another person, no matter the task, then here are some tips to help get you started.

  1. Delegate tasks that may not be in your expertise – marketing is a skillset that many of us only dream of. Using a marketing expert to help you create a strategy, or to even do your marketing for you, will not only save you countless hours of stress, but it will also help you to get more meetings with potential clients. Your accounts should also be something that is handled by an expert, even if it’s an expert who takes a look over your numbers at the end of the year and helps you set goals – you aren’t expected to know all of this from the start!
  2. Stay in touch with your team – if you have delegated tasks that are to do with the running of your business, create a regular meeting with them, perhaps just a 10 minute call at the beginning or end of the week / month, to see how they are getting on. There are also great management tools like do.com, asana.com, or even Slack.com, which help you stay in touch with your teams, and to manage the projects they are helping with.
  3. Create a process for all of the tasks you do – if you are deciding to use another member of your team to help with the services you offer, rather than just the back office stuff, a great way to ensure you don’t waste your valuable time having to check and re-check their work, you need to create a process they can follow. Perhaps you’re an event host, and you do things in a certain order when it comes to a regular event, write down everything you do, and in order, so you can easily hand it over when you find the right person to help.

It will take time, and I assure you, you don’t have to start right away! If you are beginning to feel a little bit of overwhelm however, I highly suggest you write down the tasks that you truly hate doing, or that take up a lot of your valuable time, that you didn’t get into business for. This will then help you on the path to finding people out there who can help. Then ask your network for recommendations, as I am sure they will know people who are great at what they do, and can help you get started on doing what you love in your business.