Delegation – it can be really tricky to do, but when you have someone in your team who you trust and can pass the work you don’t love to do (who can potentially do it quicker and more efficiently), it means you get your time back. But how on earth do you start the delegation process?

Often, the first part of a conversation with a business owner for me, is that they know they’re overworked, but have no idea on how to delegate tasks to someone. It can feel really overwhelming, confusing, and like you’re handing over your beloved baby to someone new. That’s totally normal – I promise!

With that in mind, here are some ways to help you figure out how to delegate to someone new, such as a Virtual Assistant, PA, or Sales Manager:

Delegate Emails

What is taking up your time every morning that you don’t enjoy? For most, it starts with the ping of a notification of countless emails! For many business owners, they have signed up to business-based newsletters that can take up time to organise, dealing with diary requests, invoice chasing, dealing with client enquiries, arranging consultations, and the list goes on. Delegating emails however, can be a tough task to delegate which is why I started with it!

Top Tips for Delegating Emails – Your emails are often a space that is incredibly personal, so I completely understand feeling wary at first. Have a discussion with the VA you have chosen to work with and discuss the preferred process from the start – which can change as you feel more comfortable. Here are some things to consider:

  • How should the VA organise your inbox – organise folders, decide upon Archiving procedures, and categorising so you can easily see what needs your attention.
  • Templates are your best friend! Work together to create templates for regular replies that you receive. If you are unsure on this, ask your VA to take note of the emails they are seeing regularly, and their recommendations on what templates they would advise using.
  • Agree on the sign-offs. Start with little steps, and request your VA add their details at the end of each email with your agreed job title/signature for them. For example – for my clients, I sign off above their signature with “Hannah Liversidge, VA to XXXX”, this may be better for you if they say they are your PA, Sales Assistant, Office Manager – whichever sits best for you.
  • Organise a separate email account. Start educating your clients to contact your VA on their own account in relation to certain requirements. For example, update your website with this email address for general enquiries, CC the new email address in replies when a client gets in touch with the agreed tasks your VA will handle (such as new product requests, invoicing, diary management etc.) with these small steps, your clients will understand the new process gradually – thus saving you valuable time.

Delegate the Design & Templating Processes

Now, you may have an array of amazing presentations that you are using regularly, or perhaps you need documents updated with new branding. This shouldn’t be a task that you have to focus on if you don’t enjoy it. Connect with a Virtual Assistant who can help organise templates that you can easily insert your content into, better yet, voicenote your presentation/documents to them and they can put the documents together for you, while you get on with other important parts of your business

Tips for delegating design work – We do need a few things when it comes to creating presentations, template documents, and packs, these include:

  • Your up to date logo – preferably transparent, but not essential.
  • A high resolution image of yourself – perfect for the about sections!
  • Your most current professional bio (if you need this updated, delegate it!)
  • Your business brand colours – if you used a graphic designer, they will be able to send the hex codes to your VA, otherwise, if you are unsure but do have a logo, ask the VA to pull the colour codes from this.
  • Let your VA know the type of designs you like – modern, classic, illustrative – these are all important so the VA can make something you’ll like from the beginning.

How are you learning to delegate in your business? I’d love to hear your tips!