Starting your own business is a tough decision to make, for most it is a leap they have always pondered before, but perhaps were concerned about the security of it all.

Once taking the leap, you will potentially realise how blooming personal it truly is. I’ve heard the saying “It’s just business, it’s not personal” said so many times, however, when it is your own business, your own job or the service you provide to others, it truly is personal. I think having the personal touch is the defining feature of running a business that people buy into. If you don’t have that personal touch, the edge that makes you different from the thousands of competitors out there, then why would someone choose you, other than looking at the cost? (and don’t get me started on how cost should not be the be-all and end-all for a contact to turn into a client!).

Vintage poster design with cucumber drawing on kraft.

Once you realise that your business is personal, you’ll want to have people around you that share the personality you have within you, and that you have created for your business. This can be tough when you get started on growing, or getting service providers that compliment your own services, but trust me, there are a few things I’ve learned, that help you get through that process of elimination.

  1. Listen to your gut instinct – it’s usually right! Have a feeling you just love this person and you’d even create a roleĀ  for them to have them in your business? That’s freaking awesome, and you shoul definitely take it to the next level of having them be a part of your business. Getting some weird vibes or unsure if they really fit? There’s plenty more fish in the sea that will fit with your business. Graciously decline and find another more suited person!
  2. Give them a chance to share their thoughts – why did they come to you? Why did they want to work with your business specifically? If they haven’t researched your business, what you do, and have a great reason as to why they are a fab fit for your business, I’d start considering whether they’re the right fit. You want someone determined to want to stay with you, through the thick and the thin!
  3. Find out what they want to achieve through your business – do they have great aspirations for your business, or do they get you re-energised about your future? They are a fab person to have in your business! Make sure your team, whether in-house, freelance or part-time, are people that get you buzzing about your business. If you’re anything like me, who works alone most of the time, I need people to bring me up, not make me worried!

I hope these are some good ways to get you started in building your team around you, and I’ll be sharing more reasons why business is personal in future blogs, so do subscribe to the blog to get notifications!