Your charity is an excellent being for social media, you’ve probably seen the likes of the “big players” using social media to drive fundraisers, get more supporters and potentially even go viral.

Charity social media

Your charity, your home-grown charity, can utilise the world of social media perhaps even more than they can. Your relationships can be built quickly and be an integral part to your charity’s success, getting more fundraisers and supporters.

There are a few ways I have found that can work really well for a charity on social media, and I just wanted to share a few ideas to help you build the relationships with your community, and how to translate these relationships into real successes for your charity.

Create a collective list of your supporters & fundraisers

For many charities, when they get a little larger, they have countless fundraisers who are creating a buzz around their research, their cause or their social enterprise. This can cause less of a bond between charity and supporter, however, you have the ability to make your supporters feel more cherished.

Keeping a list, such as a spreadsheet (which is what one of the charities we work with has), of the current and upcoming fundraisers, including the supporter’s names, social media accounts, and their email addresses, so they can get in touch with them easily and frequently.

Ensure your team can access this spreadsheet, so they can actively stay in touch with your supporters, building up a rapport with them so they feel loved.

Connect with your supporters on social media & then share the love

Ensuring you connect with your fundraisers in the spaces they use, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as championing them to the organisations they work with (if they are employed it can be a huge boost to their credibility and potential fundraising amount, if you engage with the company they work with).

Share the thanks you have for what they are doing, get your community to get behind them and share what they are doing, as well as engaging with these people to get them the feeling of being loved by you.

After all, they are your shining lights – they are the ones that are working hard to ensure you get the funding you are working hard towards.

Engage with your fans and followers

People who aren’t yet fundraising for you, but have followed you on your social media accounts, should be connected with too.

Thanking new followers, and showing them that you are an active charity, thankful for any and all engagements, is a great way to start the process towards them potentially fundraising, donating or sharing your cause.

I suggest ensuring that each day, you thank the new followers on your Twitter account. Then engage with the tweets and updates they share publicly, even if it’s a good morning message, wishing them a wonderful day. This is over and above what they would get from the big boys, and your charity will win them over with these added personal touches.

I hope these ideas have helped you on your path to using social media for your charity, and I am here if you have any questions!