We love helping people run regular (and one-off) events. Currently, even with the influx of online events such as webinars taking focus, there are still countless successful regular and one-off events for business owners to attend and create. So, if you are planning to host an event, can you use social media to promote it, and if so, what are the key fundamentals?


Use available tools

The likes of Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook events and many other tools, you can easily create and schedule events that are easy for your attendees to book onto.

Do some research into the tools available and also, look into what you want your event to be. If it is a regular local gathering, a Meetup group may be best, whereas, if it is a training event or seminar, you may want to use eventbrite. If it is a social gathering, or a get together of people you know well, then you may want to host a Facebook event, which is easy to invite people to.

Make it easy to share & connect

The beauty of social media is that people can share where they are going and what they are doing with their contacts. You want them to do the same for your event!

A few ideas to get people to share your event easily is:

  • Using the tools mentioned above, like Eventbrite, who allow the ability to show Facebook friends of those who have booked, who are attending, as well as easily share on Facebook.
  • Create a hashtag for the event, so people can connect with one another before the event. Remember to share this regularly and easily, so people know that there is one!
  • Create a Facebook group for attendees to connect with one another. Again, ensure these people know this group exists, as a group is an excellent place to build up momentum and relationships within the people who are planning to come along, the speakers and the sponsors (if you have them).

Share the love

Share the links to the people who are booked, as well as any speakers or sponsors you may have, to help them feel well loved!

In return, you will probably find these people will share your event/s more actively, and then potentially have more people coming along thanks to this promotion.

I hope some of these ideas have helped to get you started in the journey to using social media to help boost your event, and I would love to hear how you have used it in the past.