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Helping Entrepreneurs Shine

If you are a business owner, tired of spending your valuable time on administrative tasks, updates, scheduling calls, or feeling alone on this big business journey, I can help.

Get your time back

You’ve done all the hard work to build up your business, get your time back with regular support from me.

One-off projects

Have an exciting project coming up and need someone there to support you? I’d love to help!

Partner in business

Are you a sole trader, and just want someone to bounce ideas off (who will action them for you)? Let’s chat!

A personal touch

I may be a Virtual Assistant, but business is personal. That’s why I offer a personal touch for the journey we work together.

Who I work with

Growing Businesses

If you’ve run your business for a few years, and you’re ready to step back from the admin, and focus on the areas you love, this is the perfect time to reach out. I can help you by taking on those repetitive, time-consuming tasks that take you away from the parts that bring you joy in your business.


Running your own business can be a lonely experience, if you have taken the step to start your own sole-trader adventure, and you just need someone who has been there, understands your needs, and listens when needed, as well as actions those ideas you have, then I can help.

New Projects (that need umpf)

Need someone there to help on a specific project that needs additional hands on deck? I love to make things happen, so I can work with you, your team, or on my own to make your project a reality – think documents, email campaigns, ongoing support, and keeping things going forwards.

It’s a family-thing

It all started when my Dad, who ran a roofing business on his own, and my Mum, who ran an events business & training company, asked me to help them.

In 2006, my Dad’s business needed an admin assistant (and sometimes a labourer) while my Mum, who had been doing it, was needed at more training and coaching clients.

I jumped at the chance – I was almost 17, just finishing college, with no plan to go to university. The opportunity to work with my Dad was fantastic – I loved the roofing, I enjoyed the admin, and I was getting to learn new essential skills.

After a few months, I was doing the BNI networking for Reliable Roofer, and I had a midnight epiphany that I could offer the quotes, admin support, and office management for some of those in the room.

Flash forward 17 years, and I am helping business owners with their office management, tech issues, projects, and being there to support them through the day to day of their business.

Without having the inspiration of two parents who ran their own businesses, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to discover the integral parts to being a business owner. The rollercoaster of the lives we can lead as entrepreneurs, and the importance of the support we get from one another.

If you’re looking for a Virtual Assistant who understands where you are coming from, can support you throughout the ups and downs of business, and loves to help you achieve your goals, please get in touch.

“She is a Star and always cares about my business. Hannah has been with me through this crazy business journey. Thank you x.”

Lizzie Phillips, IWant2Network

Why Choose Me


I believe every business owner needs a supporter beside them to help them shine. I am passionate, supportive, and will be there to help you achieve your dreams.


Your business is your life. I know how important it is to understand your values, communication style, and ethics. I work professionally alongside you so your business is showcased in the best light.


Ultimately, whoever you connect with to support you with your business needs to support you and your goals. If you would like to find out how I can support you within your business, please get in touch. I’d love to help, or introduce you to someone who can.

Let’s arrange a virtual coffee