As last week started oh so well…I didn’t realise how much I had learned, especially with the etiquette of people.

One thing I noticed was, while in Starbucks, a lot of mothers coming in with their prams. I was sitting in a corner and unable to get to them quickly enough, bad excuse I know, but I noticed how few people got up to help these women who were struggling with the door. Is it just me or is this a strange way to be as a fellow human?

If I see someone struggling I want to help them, it may just be me, but I thought everyone would have this inner want to at least help? I also saw that several times, when the door was opened for someone, several people didn’t say thank you. What a way to make that person never hold a door again!

I have noticed that, when I do hold the door open for someone (and they say thank you) it can be the start of a lovely conversation. Thinking in a business way, it can be the opportunity to have a new contact, or not. Just simply taking care and helping someone else can be such a good feeling, that can mean more than any new contact.

It’s also the same when I am using spaces such as social media, I want to “hold the door open” if I have a good relationship with someone on social media and I have seen that they are good at what they do, I will want to help. If they post blogs I will either simply RT (if it is on a subject I am unsure about I will read it too when I have time!) and comment on it too. Why? Because it can help them. They may even do the same in future. That doesn’t matter, building an engaged audience AKA Tribe, takes time and patience. If you aren’t helping others then they may not want to help you.

In the words of a rather fab networker “Givers Give” – simple huh?

What are you waiting for, who have you held the door open for recently?