How we help Coaches and Mentors walk their talk

Virtual Assistant for coaches

Coaches provide support, encouragement and motivation for their clients on a daily basis, with often little if any time available for their own business development tasks.  Hannah has supported several Coaches and Mentors in the past eight years and Dinah’s business for ten years was that of Business Mentor and professional Motivational Speaker.

We believe we bring a unique perspective to your Coaching business and our clients agree.  They tell us we become key to their progress with achieving their own goals, helping them focus on what is good for the growth of the business and for ensuring they are accountable for actions they agree to.

Hannah’s experience in Event Management and Event Hosting means they feel free to focus on the content of their regular workshops instead of spending their time on confirming who is attending.

Dinah’s understanding of the energy you put into support of your clients allows us to help support you to top-up your own tank.  We’re ready to tell you when it’s time to stop and make sure you’re confident in our ability to cover all the bases while you recharge your batteries.

We offer support in the following ways:

Just like your coaching and mentoring clients, you deserve time to spend with someone that will help you come up with ideas, share thoughts and inspirations, as well as help you to implement them. This is where we come in – over Skype, Zoom or phone call – we are there on a regularly agreed time to be your sounding board. We will then implement ideas that we have come up with together, so you can spend your valuable time helping your clients, while your business gets worked on!

As a coach or mentor, your brand is how people find you, but sometimes it can be a real struggle to share your successes, services, and how you help people. We can help, by writing content, sharing your stories and news, as well as finding and engaging with the right people for your offering, so you don’t have to worry about what to write, where to share it, and when to post it.

As a coach and mentor, you may be looking to host regular workshops, training events, or groups, but just don’t have the time to manage all the background work. We will help you by organising the venue, sourcing the prices, managing your attendees, adding the events to the right sites and social media content, as well as ensuring everyone knows what is going on and how to get there, so you can simply turn up and be your awesome self, without any stress for you.

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