How can I use Facebook groups for my business?

Facebook groups are great for building relationships and getting known for what you do. The only issue is, you can’t use them as a page, you need to engage as your personal profile.

This can actually be a positive if you do it right.


I wanted to share a few tips on how to use a Facebook group to help you build your brand awareness.


Time management for social media for charities

Yes, you are running a charity which means you barely have time for a cup of tea in the morning, let alone thinking about social media management. But if you don’t spend, even 15 minutes per day, engaging with your supporters and responding to those that are sharing your cause, you may not have a charity with the amount of fans it deserves.


How to get your charity noticed in the crowd

Yes, there are a LOT of charities, just in the UK, according to the recent charity register statistics, there’s a total of 164,097! Of that total, 144,119 are below the £500,000 income bracket, with 67, 972 charities within the £10,000 or lower bracket.

Now, if you’re a local, home-grown charity, aiming to move your less than £10,000 income bracket charity, to over that line – you have a lot of people to compete with. Just search for “horse charity UK” on Google, and you get 30,400,000 results.

My oh my.

So how can your charity stand out from the crowd? (more…)

What should I include in my brief for a social media manager?

You’ve decided – that’s it, you’re going to get a professional to do this social media malarky for you.

If they are doing it for you, then they need to know what you need, how you communicate, what your brand is about…the list goes on! Yes, it can seem a little daunting and the heavy breathing and worry is allowed. But these people know what they are doing – I promise you. You do need to share a few key elements in your brief to your social media manager, that will help speed up the first few months together, while they begin to become a part of your business.  (more…)