An introvert’s guide to conference calls

An introvert’s guide to conference calls

My introvert story so far…

On Wednesday, after 4 hours of back to back video calls (which were all amazing I must add) I sat in the sofa and Mischka looked at me, put her paw on my hand, and she understood my exhaustion. Now, I love that this situation has allowed us all to have so many more conversations, interactions, and utilise technologies that bring many of us together. However, as a self-confessed introvert, it can be incredibly draining having calls each day taking up 2 to 3 hours in total.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my usual working life is often an introvert’s dream! I have probably 1 or 2 20 minute calls on a Monday where clients are checking up on projects and sharing new ideas, and I carry out sales calls for one of my other clients which, on a busy day, 2 people answer, so this amount of calls, particularly on video, got a bit overwhelming last week.

My top tips for introverts doing conference calls

  • Don’t ever do the calls back to back. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a real break between calls. If your break is following up with an email, completing a design task, getting a cup of tea or coffee, or simply standing up and doing jumping jacks, I recommend you do it. No one is going to loose their business because you asked to do a call 20 minutes later than they asked.
  • Plan your day as much as you can. If you’re having a similar experience as me, many of your clients are picking up the phone to just call you. That’s great, that shows they trust you and want to speak with you. However, if you have loads of other planned calls, let them know how long you have (with a break time for before the next call) so they know there’s a limit on the time you can speak for. You can perhaps let clients know your availability for calls, which could be an excellent solution to this. It’s then a first come first answered situation.
  • Check in with yourself. How are you doing? Is today an exhausting day or have you the energy to give to more calls coming your way? If you’re getting to the peak of your giving levels, let clients know you’re now in head down work and can’t answer calls for an hour. They won’t loose their minds, they get it and probably will be grateful you’re prioritising work.
  • Embrace the 40 minute limit! I was getting frustrated by the Zoom limit on calls, but it’s actually a fantastic way to prevent over talking. It keeps everyone on the call limited to important conversations, and can keep me alert and invested. Embrace that limit, I find any more than an hour and I start to falter.

Whatever you feel like right now, it’s OK. We need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our clients and loved ones. However you re-energise, whether it be playing a game, reading a book, listening to the birds in your garden, or cuddling your dog – give yourself a chance to recharge your battery so you can go out and charge other’s.

Good luck fellow introverts, you got this.

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while…

Yes, I’ll be the first to admit it’s been a while since I last came here, sat down and wrote. Once I realised it had been a while I think a little bit of me was worried I wouldn’t be able to write a good piece to make up for it, but let’s be honest here, blogs are to share excitement, knowledge, ideas and what’s going on in the world of Amethyst.

I do recommend you don’t wait this long between posts, but that’s my personal preference! (more…)

Sharing your fears, excitements and ideas

Sharing your fears, excitements and ideas

So, you may (or may not) have seen that I am going to be doing my first 4sight next week (Thursday 18th April), this is a 10 minute presentation about something other than my own business, and I have chosen tips on networking from an unnatural networker. This was inspired by some rather strange networking antics I had seen at a recent event. So, there I was, having written the piece, booked my day to speak and created my presentation then…oh dear…the fear hit me!

What did I do? I shared that fear and asked for my mentor to read it and let me know how they felt. Now, my Mum is my mentor, this is a blessing and a half but also sometimes a bit worrying that she may just be being kind to me (I think that is my own worry coming into play!), so, after she explained her changes and likes, I then sent it to the host of the meeting who shared her thoughts (all of which were positive).

But I am now beginning to get that tingling feeling of fear – what if I completely mess up? What if I have something stuck in my teeth! What if my audience completely disagree?! *breathes*

I was very kindly told something that has stuck with me in these situations – “fear and excitement are exactly the same feelings” – this means that this feeling I am having, is actually excitement. Well, that’s good.

What I am getting at here is that I had to share my feelings and my idea to give myself the knowledge that I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself. The same goes for business ideas, if we have no-one to sound our ideas off of then we can just talk ourselves out of it (or into a bad situation). As business owners we are generally working on our own, so ensure that you have a friend, partner, family member – whatever connection you need – that give you the chance to share your ideas with and will be completely honest with you.

Who do you share your ideas with? Do you find it useful?

Happy 100

Happy 100

My goodness, this is my 100th post, goodness, I have a lot to write about!

So, what does it mean this whole blogging malarky? In my personal opinion, I think it is a space to share your expertise, thoughts and life-experiences with others. It helps to prove that you know what you are talking about when you tell people what you do. It’s also a great space for your website to remain updated and apparently “Google Loves It” great right?

But who is actually reading your blog? Are you being efficient and scheduling your posts for specific parts of the week/month so your readership expects a post or are you more of an ad hoc person?

Whatever you do don’t have a blog section on your website if you aren’t going to use it! Too many times have I been disappointed by a business because their last post was over a year ago. If you can’t commit to a blog, what does that mean for the rest of your business?

Well, anyway, rant over and a big thank you to anyone and everyone who has read, commented or enjoyed my posts. Here’s to more!

Do you really need it?

Do you really need it?

As you may have read, I recently moved into my first official house with my partner. We were lucky enough to be given all of the “white goods” including a washing machine. Now, his Mum was kind enough to offer to get us a new one (as I must admit the old one seemed to have never seen a cleaning product!).

Thank goodness we have the new one, and I am really “loving” being able to wash our clothes. But it hadn’t occurred to me that a tumble dryer may be required (especially as it is the coldest time of the year!). I have always been lucky enough to have a tumble dryer in our family home, and probably took it for granted. However, after a month of using a drying rack in our kitchen, the warmest place in the house, I must admit, I don’t miss the tumble dryer.

This made me think, what products or devices do we have that we don’t actually need? Do you have a laptop or phone that you never actually use? Is it something that you have really thought was essential to your business?

Have you tried working without it?

What have you got that you perhaps don’t need or what don’t you have that you thought you needed?