Event tools for success

Event tools for success

As I get to work with more event hosts I learn about more and more tools available to us, especially online tools to get more people to your event or sharing it.

Some of my favourites are:

1. Meet-up – yes, I love this site. As a host I pay a minimal fee for a fantastic outcome – my event gets shared with anyone who has put their interests in the same categories as my own and I also get invited to some great events. Just sign up…that is all!

2. Eventbrite – this is not as great as meetup for the sharing of events/publicity, but it is easy to integrate and has a fantastic app for event hosts to easily book people in when they come to the event. It also uses paypal for payments – which can be a bit of a nuisance for attendees who do not yet have paypal, but I really like how personalised it can be and easy to duplicate events!

3. Mailchimp – I know this isn’t “technically” an event tool but it is great for invitations! I love sending out these beautifully designed emails to people for invites to our events. Easy to add new people to and easy to personalise – just what I need.

4. http://visibletweets.com – if you are focusing on social at your event and have a projector, this is a great way to share people’s tweets that include your @ or #hashtag – it’s really pretty and will make more people want to tweet about your event.

5. Moo.com – this is fantastic for hand-written invitations, which I personally love. Perfect for VIPs or just to prove how important your attendees are for an event. They are so easy to customise and I love the service and quality of them.

Which tools do you use for your events?