The productivity tips from a master butterfly mind

As a lover of schedules, you may find it strange to hear that I have a sort of butterfly mind.

When a client comes to me with an amazing idea, I get swept up into it all and help them with all they need, and then realise my schedule is missed.

At least I used to.

Thanks to some productivity tips below, and some determination, I have helped to control my butterfly mind, while also remaining open and reactive so clients feel they can still get in touch with their ideas, while I still get everything done! (more…)

How to prevent distractions when working from home

Working from home can be a torturous thing.

It can be full of distractions, loneliness, and long spouts of lack of motivation.


For me, I am now working 5 days a week from my own office. When I used to help my Father with roofing it was such a lovely way to shake up my working week, to get outside, move around and be with another human that wasn’t a computer or social media encounter (or telephone call!). Now it is a little different, and I have had to come up with some ways to prevent distraction and loss of motivation that comes from working at home, on my own.  (more…)

How to plan your e-newsletter

I love a good plan, me. You may notice this when/if you start to work with Amethyst – we have a strategy behind all of what we do. Whether it’s our own management of our accounts, which I’ll admit usually get done at the end of the month – cobbler’s shoes come to mind – or that we send our weekly “in our diary” email to all clients who tend to enjoy working on an ad hoc basis.  (more…)

How to get back to business & stay motivated after time off

You are allowed a holiday! Just because you run your own business does not mean you have to stick to your desk / products every darn day. Stop beating yourself up and ensure you are allowing yourself time away.

For me, it’s been a few long weekends here and there to help me get back into the zone, relax and well, just give myself some me time. There will be a longer holiday this year, thanks to having a better alarm system back in our new home. (more…)