How can I offer more to my clients, without stopping doing what I love or over-exerting myself?

As a business owner you may have started your business saying “yes” to every project available, learning while you go and possibly spending a lot of time doing things you weren’t really in the business for.

This happens across all industries, don’t worry, you are not alone!

However, how can you start to either wean off of these services or, if more clients continue to ask for these offerings, how can you add them to your service without having to spend time on them? (more…)

Are there any problems with working with a virtual team? (and how to resolve them)

As a virtual assistant, who offers services out of my client’s office, I get asked about the issues that can arise from working with a virtual team quite regularly.

In a world where technology is helping us to work more virtually, many business owners and companies are noticing the benefits of having a team that is not fully employed, or working at their office.  (more…)

Social Media? What’s social about it?

When did you last spend time looking through your Twitter or LinkedIn feed to find the messages that were actually engaging? Not simply shouting about something on special offer, or a new link to a new blog? Using Social Media in a more Social manner makes a huge difference to the results you’ll get from it, yet all too often people simply abandon their Social Media, claiming it “didn’t work for me”.


How can I use Facebook groups for my business?

Facebook groups are great for building relationships and getting known for what you do. The only issue is, you can’t use them as a page, you need to engage as your personal profile.

This can actually be a positive if you do it right.


I wanted to share a few tips on how to use a Facebook group to help you build your brand awareness.


Time management for social media for charities

Yes, you are running a charity which means you barely have time for a cup of tea in the morning, let alone thinking about social media management. But if you don’t spend, even 15 minutes per day, engaging with your supporters and responding to those that are sharing your cause, you may not have a charity with the amount of fans it deserves.