As a virtual assistant, who offers services out of my client’s office, I get asked about the issues that can arise from working with a virtual team quite regularly.

In a world where technology is helping us to work more virtually, many business owners and companies are noticing the benefits of having a team that is not fully employed, or working at their office. 

There can be several issues that can arise with working in this way, thanks to knowing many of these issues, I can also help you learn how to resolve them!

Long spaces between communication

So, this can be an issue that arises if you are used to working in an office where you can have a quick reply with someone, or if you have had a dedicated PA.

A virtual team usually comprises of a collection of experts who run their own businesses. This means they usually have more clients than just you. This isn’t saying you shouldn’t feel loved by your team, but understand there may be a project they are working on, which means it desires their full attention, so they cannot reply as quickly as usual.

Top Tip: We share our weekly diary with some of our more regular clients. The ones that require assistance almost each day, so we can manage their expectations.

Projects require completion dates

If you worked in a projects-based business before, then this should be simple for you, however, many business owners have not. Your virtual team need to have times to complete the projects you need help with, even down to the day you would prefer a small task to be done by.

This helps your team to share if the date is achievable, and if they need to move other projects along with other clients, so they can complete yours on time. Allow your team members to come back to you about whether or not they can complete by a certain date, it is important you both feel you can be honest with one another about when you can do things by.

This goes both ways!

Top Tip: To help your teams along, you need to think about when you would love something completed by. Share a “preferred” and a “must” date, this means you’ll be super happy if something is achieved by one date, but it is OK to complete by the other.

Unsure how to delegate

This goes for many people – don’t worry if at first you are unsure where on earth to start. We had a potential client once who we suggested writing all the things she was doing each day down, then sharing those tasks with us. We learned that this idea was not the best way to work! She felt overwhelmed and eventually had to turn to someone else who offered ideas to her.

This is where we have learned to share ideas with clients for tasks we can help with, then sharing more and more things we can assist with. Your team members should be able to do the same. They may, perhaps, share a full list of services with you, which can help you have a lightbulb moment in knowing what you can and cannot delegate to them.

Take a look at what you got into your business for – what did you love doing? What are the things you are doing that are preventing you from doing the things you love and get paid best for? Those are the tasks to share with your virtual team! They will save you money, and stress.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask! 

Top Tip: Your freelancer may know someone who can help with other tasks in your life – ask them if they could recommend someone to help, always best to have a recommendation than to use search engines!


I hope these have helped you with a few of the main issues that can arise when working with a virtual team, let me know if you have any questions, and I’d love to hear any tips you have!