The world of cloud computing and WiFi hotspots became all so required this week.. 

With all of the internet (and phones!) down in the area I work, I had to adapt. Moving from my comfy office where I can make my own (basically free) coffee whenever I like, take a quick break and answer the phone on a landline to working in Starbucks on Tuesday and working in Weatherspoons (may I just say both had their positives!) I realised that the world of business must be so new and fantastic to so many people and I completely take it for granted. 


The ability to have a laptop and take it to a virtual place such as a coffee shop because the internet is down where I am is just fantastic. It meant that rather than not being able to do anything I have been able to achieve a lot. Getting most of the audio transcriptions completed, be able to still manage our client’s social media and be able to respond to emails means a week that could have been ruined was not.

I had to adapt to this new surrounding (I am lucky to have never worked in the traditional “office” space) and it was very loud. Something I am not used to, bar my music playing during tasks such as data inputting. I had to adapt, I brought earphones and listened to that, I had to explain to any clients of the business I care for by answering their phones that we had lost our connection, they were all fine with this (much happier that I can actually answer the phone I am sure).

I also had to adapt to the fact that everyone is watching. My goodness I even had people coming and chatting with me about the speed at which I type (I must admit it was nice for a while, being complemented about my typing skills but I did need to get back to work!).

My point of this, rather long blog, is that we are able to adapt, as long as you are prepared for it. All of my important files are on USB and using spaces such as Dropbox and Google docs, so I am able to up and move if need’s be. Are you prepared for the worst?

Have you got everything you need in another space so you can access it anywhere?


So, how are you adapting and changing to requirements for your business? Are you sitting and waiting for something to work or are you taking action, picking up your laptop (in my case) and going to where you can complete your goals?