A handwritten card, nowadays, seems to be a precious and unheard of thing. The take-over of emails and telephones means that we can’t say thank you in the same way we used to and this means it is even more special when one is received.

When you next want to say thank you to someone, whether they came to an event with you, helped you with a business issue or were there when you needed them, go out and buy them a special card, perhaps even buy a pack of cards so you can be ready for the next ten people you say thank you to, it will make them feel special and when they say how much it meant to them you will then feel special too.

Sit down and think about who you want to say thank you to. Write a list of people who have done something for or with you recently and write next to their names how you said thank you. Do you feel it’s enough? If not, take the time to really make them feel special and to know that they are important to you, after all, how long does it take to write a card?

fountain pen on notepad for writing your own cards

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